At Arenas y Cayo S.A, we valuate economic units from inventories, asset reconciliation, regularizations and financial valuation (i.e. investments, bonds, shares, etc.).

The services we offer meet all of your company’s requirements in compliance with IFRS regulations.

  • Review, coding, validation and valuation of inventories.
  • Detailed survey of functional units
  • Inventory structuring on family and subfamily levels
  • Calculation of contingent liabilities
  • Determination of damages, useful life and assessment models
  • Valuation of assets at fair value
  • Asset structuring in compliance with regulations
  • Accounting and financial management index (MIS)
  • Asset valuation and fair value reconciliation
  • Professional multidisciplinary consultancy
  • Methodological development for asset valuation
  • Use of necessary procedures in order to ensure business continuity in compliance with regulations