Arenas y Cayo S.A. has designed an online appraisal tool to help you obtain a statistical reference to sell, purchase, rent or establish prices per area in case of property investment as well as foreseeing and confirming the prices of an appraisal.

Through our Online Appraisal Tool you can receive this information in a much faster and cheaper way, and obtain a final report including references and pictures of the area to compare them with the prices of the assets.

The online appraisal tool is a statistic valuation system that establishes a price range based on the address provided and size of the property in square meters.

We use referencing data from previous appraisals as well as real purchases registered by the Real Estate Registrar in the area.

 Once the address has been submitted, the system elaborates a report including:

  • Maximum and minimum prices of the area
  • Price range of the property depending on m2
  • Graph of price evolution in the last years
  • Referencing chart of prices in the area
  • Graph of price frequency in the area
  • Pictures of properties in the area

What happens if the location of the property is not easily accessible?

You will be informed if the system fails to find the address, there are no references. or these are insufficient for a statistic analysis. In this case, a quote for a regular appraisal can be provided.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the information obtained?

If you think that the information does not represent the characteristics of the property, a reassessment can be requested by clicking the corresponding button. We will soon review the case considering the additional records that you can provide.

Is there a charge for this service?

The cost of this report is much lower than that of a regular appraisal and you will only be charged if there are sufficient references for a statistic analysis and after your approval.

Are there any monthly plans?

We offer single-case plans and corporate and company plans that can include between 10-2000 requests a month.

What happens if I do not use all my monthly requests or if I exceed the amount?

Depending on usage, the system will send you a notification to switch to a lower or higher plan that suits your requirements.

Are there any restrictions?

As a statistic valuation system, some variables are not considered:

  • Legal, urban (i.e. Expropriations), building. or other restrictions that might affect the property.
  • Other variables, such as level of finishing, direction of the property, ground floor, etc. might also modify the price of a property.